No bad vibes on this blog. Please and thank you


Put on your earphones , close your eyes.
George singing for you in a storm.

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I was on 8tracks looking for new playlists and found thisimage


I really don’t know what I expected.

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Autumn Stone Healing Spell →


Purpose: In autumn and winter, it’s difficult to work with fresh herbs and flowers. Using stones and roots may be easier. This stone is to be used to heal during the harvest season. It can be “recharged” as often as needed.

Materials: 1 smooth, white stone; 1 light blue…


when ur friend finally gets online and uve been waiting for them


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doctor who meme: two quotes (1/2)

When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all… Grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker. And so much madder. And so much better.

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she wears short skirts i wear mage robes

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Listening to trippy German psychedelic groove rock. 👌





It’s a cute little thing though.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that owls are incredibly dangerous predators seen by cultures throughout  the world as ill omens. Especially when they look like toasted marshmallows.

My boss once described them as flying pillows filled with seething hatred.

Further confirming that owls are the avian equivalent of cats.

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